Laser hair Removal (30 Hours)



This program consists of 30 clock hours of instructional education in the use of laser and light-based hair removal or reduction devices. This program operates under the direct supervision of a physician, licensed pursuant to the provision of Chapter 458, Florida Statutes, who remains responsible for the content and quality of the instruction. This program is also designed to provide in depth knowledge and training to the physician, physician assistant, advanced registered nurse practitioner or other professional seeking advanced laser and light-based education.



LHR-101 Causes of hair growth

LHR-103 Histology of pilosebaceous unit

LHR-103 Terminology

LHR-104 History

LHR-105 Physics

LHR-106 Types of devices

LHR-107 Safety and precautions

LHR-108 Tissue interaction

LHR-109 Sterilization and sanitation

LHR-110 Consultations

LHR-111 Pre/post treatment protocals

LHR-112 Test spotting

LHR-113 Treatment of all skin types (Fitzpatrick scale)

LHR-114 Treatment on all FDA approved devices, inc. Alexandrite + NdYag

LHR-115 Treating various body parts