Facial Specialist Program (260 Hours)



This program is designed to prepare the student to achieve certification of completion for skin-care in the specialty area of facials. Upon receiving this certificate, the student will be eligible to apply for a facial Specialist Registration in Florida. Enrolled students must complete a total of 260 hours and 100 services. Additionally, students must read the Milady’s textbook, Standard Fundamental for Estheticians and score a 70% or better on each chapter test and the final exam as per Florida State Statutes, Chapter 477, Section 61G5-22.015.


I. Classroom


FSP-101 Salon Conduct & Ethics: (13 hrs.)

FSP-102 Sanitation & Sterilization: (5 hrs.)

FSP-103 Florida Laws & Rules: (10 hrs.)

FSP-104 Facial Techniques & Contraindications: (10 hrs.)

FSP-105 Skin Theory, Diseases & Disorders of the Skin: (10 hrs.))

FSP-106 Product Chemistry: (10 hrs.))

FSP-107 Superfluous Hair Removal: (15 hrs.))

FSP-108 Professional Make-up Techniques: (10 hrs.))

FSP-109 Basics of Electricity: (10 hrs.))

FSP-110 HIV/AIDS Awareness Course: (2 hrs.))

FSP-111 Business Practice and Marketing: (10 hrs.))


II. Practical


FSP-201 Facials : (40 hrs/ 40 services))

FSP-202 Manual Extractions: (1.25 hrs/ 5 services))

FSP-203 Hair Removal: (5hrs/ 20 services))

FSP-204 Set up, Use & Maintenance of Electrical Devices: (1.25 hrs/ 5 services))

FSP-205 Lash & Brow Tint: (5 hrs/ 10 services)

FSP-206 Make-up Application: (5 hrs/ 10 services))

FSP-207 Eyelash Application: (10 hrs/ 10 services))

Upon completion students can apply to receive their state registration as a facial specialist. Fees are established by the state of Florida. There is no state exam required.