Code of Conduct

Appearance Code

The Institute requires each student to observe the school appearance code. Dress code includes a uniform, which must be clean and wrinkle free, and closed toed shoes. Color of the uniform varies with each program and the Institute provides one uniform without charge to the student. Students without uniform cannot attend classes but the Director of Education can make an exception according to circumstance. Students must have a clean and groomed appearance. Unprofessional or threatening behavior towards any staff or students will result in termination.


Inappropriate behavior must be handled according to severity. The Institute can take actions, at its discretion, such as warning, suspension, or dismissal to protect the school environment.
Students agree at time of enrollment that the school has the right to impose penalties for inappropriate behavior, according to school policy, without having to prove them, if at least two witnesses agree in writing on a conduct violation. Inappropriate behavior is documented and document(s) are placed in the student’s permanent file. If a student is asked to leave the facility by a staff member, and does not do so immediately, then the Institute reserves the right to have the authorities remove the student from the premises and can be terminated. Any type of theft will result in immediate termination. Slander towards the Institute in any way, social media, or paper media, will result in immediate termination.

Drug Policy

Laser and Aesthetics Institute of the Palm Beaches, Inc. has a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol. No student, instructor, or employee may be on the Institute premises or affiliate clinic under the influence of any substance, legal or illegal. As a drug free and alcohol free environment, individuals under the influence may be subject to immediate dismissal and/or removal. Students may request counseling for substance abuse and will be referred to community resources.

Cell Phone Usage and Video

Cell phone usage and videotaping in the Institute is prohibited unless authorized by the Director of Education.

No Smoking Policy

Smoking will not be tolerated within 50 yards of the Institution, offices, or any clinic site.

Student Practical Services

Students must perform only the services that they have been scheduled for and that are the understanding between the client and Institute.

Sexual Harassment and Anti Hazing Policy

The administration of Laser and Aesthetics Institute of the Palm Beaches, Inc. takes the issue of sexual harassment very seriously. Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances or offensive comments, gestures, or physical contact of a sexual nature between and/or among students and staff. Sexual harassment or harassment because of age, race, color, religion, and national origin will not be tolerated. This includes any kind of intimidation and discrimination. Investigation of such concerns will be undertaken promptly and handled confidentially. Behavior that degrades the integrity of another student (hazing) will not be tolerated. If a student or employee feels that he or she has suffered a form of discrimination or harassment, the individual should immediately contact a supervisor or institution director. Students or staff involved may be subject to termination.

Responses to Violations of the Code of Conduct

Exact responses are a part of Institute policy and available to students to examine. Students must sign a receipt of any response whether they agree to such response by the Institute. Every response form includes a section that gives the student a chance to indicate if they agree to the school response. There are three levels of responses: Warning, Probation, and Dismissal.

A student dismissed for inappropriate behavior may be readmitted into the program only at the discretion and terms decided by the Director of Education. The student must file a written request explaining how they have remedied their behavior. The Director of Education shall not reconsider admittance without such letter.

Each inappropriate behavior is handled individually and is not combined with other inappropriate behaviors. A separate warning or probation is issued in the appropriate form(s) for each behavior.