Real World Experience

Students who graduate from LBI are truly prepared for real world success with class room knowledge & real experience.



Real Practical Experience

All lessons are accompanied by practical education and experience in a clinical/spa environment. Students will have the opportunity to practice their skills through the hands-on application of classroom theory, skills and techniques to patients in a clinical, rather than classroom, setting, under the supervision of a duly licensed instructor.

Beyond helping to build confidence in the skills they are required to learn, we also focus on teaching students about providing exceptional customer service and client experience. The extra customer service skills we impart will help our alumni build their client lists faster by retaining more repeat business.



Transferring into LBI

Transfer of hours, services & grades

If transferring hours, services and exams from another licensed and accredited institution, students must have an official transcript mailed directly to the Registrar department. When bringing the transcripts in person, they must be sealed. The transcript must include the number of hours attempted and completed, services completed, as well as grades obtained from each course. Applicants must meet the minimum requirements stated below to be eligible to transfer coursework, although the minimum standards do not guarantee full or partial credit for your previous education.

  • Credits/clock hours completed and attempted
  • Practical services completed
  • 75% or higher on exams

The student must meet with a Financial Aid Officer to determine the best Financial Aid package available and/or most suitable payment plan.

NOTE: Students coming from another school may be required to complete additional hours, services and exams if their previous education does not meet our current program requirements.

Transferring hours, services and grades within our school

To receive credit for courses previously completed within our school, students must follow the same policy stated above. However, submission of an academic transcript is not required. Some of our programs contain educational components that are equivalent to one another. Those components may be transferable partially or in its entirety. The final decision resides with the Registrar department. In most cases, there are no prerequisites to the order in which the student takes each phase of the program.